Good vibrations: 9 fun, offbeat and unexpected things you might see at the Bunbury Music Festival

CINCINNATI - At the 2013 Bunbury Music Festival the assortment of bands is just the beginning. Organizers have assembled quite a lineup of activities and vendors that offer something for everybody. Really.

9 things to watch for:

1. Chill out. The free water and misting stations will keep you cool throughout the festival.

2. TechBury. Find this tent behind the Main Stage. Inside is a beer-stocked bar, and--more importantly for those burning up their smartphones--charging stations and a WiFi hotspot. If you are so inclined, you can chat with Bunbury social media folks and photographers while they bring the Bunbury Festival experience to the digital world.

3. Beer. Lots of beer. Not only will the special Christian Moerlein Bunbury Bavarian Pale Ale be ubiquitous, the festival features a Craft Beer Village, with a whole slew of other brews.

4. Eclectic eats. There will be a food truck or food tent for every palate: chili, vegetarian delights, pizza, grilled cheese, coffee, dessert--you name it. 

5. Hemptations. Bunbury would not be complete without this popular local purveyor of hemp apparel and household implements.

6. Free vibrators. On July 13, from 4 - 8 p.m., visit the Trojan Pleasure Carts to pick up a free Trojan Tri-Phoria or Trojan Pulse vibrator, while supplies last. 

7. Get-pumped playlist. There's a Spotify playlist to help you groove your way through the festival, preview bands you may not be familiar with, or simply get you in the musical mood.

8. LISNR perks. LISNR users who arrive between 1 and 4 p.m. each day will be entered for a chance to win two "Best Seats in the House," seats in the scaffolding above the mix position for the headliner." More info on LISNR:

9. After-parties galore. 4EG is hosting the festivities on all three days of the festival:

More about Bunbury:

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