Comedian Alex Ortiz at the Funny Bone

PF Wilson

While comedian Alex Ortiz enjoys performing at colleges, he likes getting back to traditional comedy clubs. “The colleges you have to be 100-percent clean,” he says. “There can’t be any sex or drugs. At the comedy clubs that’s all I talk about!” He adds, “I’m kidding. (At the) colleges you have to do a whole different routine, because a lot of the kids aren’t married.

I talk about being married and having kids and stuff and those kids couldn’t relate to that that easily.”

It’s his life experiences from which Ortiz draws most of his humor. “In general life is funny. I was married for 18 years so I’ve got plenty of material there.”

Thursday-Sunday. $10-$15. Funny Bone on the Levee, Newport on the Levee, Newport,

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