Art: 5K House Opening

By Maria Seda-Reeder for CityBeat

Taking a cue from Gordon Matta-Clark, artists living in cities like Cincinnati with a surplus of affordable real estate can employ architecture as a legitimate (and provocative) medium — particularly if the artistic process involves not just deconstruction (a la Matta-Clark) but reconstruction. Local artist/builder Mark Dejong has thoughtfully restored one particular house in Camp Washington, purchased for only $5,000, with an eye toward creative expression.

Tiles were unearthed, layers of paint exposed and woodwork redone to make the former dilapidated home into a breathtaking example of careful craftsmanship. The grand opening celebration was last week, featuring artwork by such local artists as Anthony Luensman and Paige Williams, curated by Aisle Gallery's Krista Gregory. But for those who missed it, the house will be open noon-4 p.m. this Saturday. 1376 Avon Place, Camp Washington.

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