Check out these 9 alternatives to Guinness and green beer for St. Patrick's Day

CINCINNATI - Looking for a brew to toss back in honor of St. Patrick's Day but are in the mood for something other than Guinness? Well worry not, there are plenty of alternatives to the Irish Stalwart.

To make your mouth (and your bank account) happy, compiled a list of 9 great St. Patrick's Day beers to get you started.

The following list of craft beers can hold their own with the traditional Irish ales and stouts that are celebrated every March 17th. And remember, just because it's St. Patrick's Day doesn't mean all the beer has to go green.

  • Brian Boru Old Irish Ale (Three Floyds) 5.50% ABV Named after Ireland's first and last high king, this Red Ale is rich with toffee, caramel, citrus and notes of pineapple according to the brewer. Brian Boru is brewed with several malts and Amarillo hops.
  • Conway's Irish Ale (Great Lakes) 6.50% ABV No stranger to the Tri-State, Great Lakes Brewing's own Irish Ale is sure to be a party favorite. This continual gold medal winner at the World Beer Championships is a malty Irish ale with a notable toasty flavor derived from lightly roasted malt.
  • Bourbon County Stout (Goose Island) 14.5% ABV The brewers at Goose Island recommend you serve this powerful stout in a snifter. This jet-black elixir is aged in bourbon barrels and was brewed in honor of the company's 1,000th batch of the original Clybourn brewpub.
  • Irish Ale (Boulevard) 5.80% ABV Another entry from the Midwest, this early spring seasonal was made as a tribute to the red ales of Ireland. It includes several types of pale and roasted barley malts for a toasty flavor and a reddish hue.
  • Milk Stout (Left Hand) 6.00% ABV The Colorado brewers have been among the leaders of the pack when it comes to America's brewing renaissance. Left Hand claims this sweet, milk chocolate stout will change what you think a stout can be. It's also good for making black and tans.
  • Black Top (New Glarus) 6.90% ABV The beer crafters at New Glarus have an interesting Black IPA for you to try. The Black Top features a devilish mix of bitterness from the hops and sweet undertones from the molasses and chocolate malts. This dark, dark ruby brown beer is said to be an easy drinker.
  • Irish Style Extra Stout (Schlafly) 8.00% ABV Steel yourselves for this next beer. Schlafly's take on the traditional Irish stouts is a bold beer with hints of chocolate, molasses and fruit. Schlafly's brewers said the Extra Stout comes from the tradition of British and Irish porters of the 18th Century that eventually became known as strong stouts.
  • Irish Lager (Rogue) 5.00% ABV Portland-based Rogue Brewery can't be left out of a craft beer list. Enter the Irish Lager. This pale golden beer has a smooth, mellow flavor with a crisp finish.  Rogue suggests this for floating your Guinness.
  • Dark Star Stout (Starr Hill) 4.20% ABV Last, but certainly not least, is Starr Hill's dry Irish Stout. This beer is a multiple award winner at the Great American Beer Festival. Made with roasted barley and with hints of coffee and dark chocolate, it has a surprisingly light body with a robust taste. describes it as "blacker than night with a thick creamy off white nitro head. It starts off with hints of coffee and smoothly slides into a nice velvet chocolate finish. Robust and light tasty bliss."

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