Tweet sends Tri-State woman to Ochocinco wedding

CINCINNATI - Former Cincinnati Bengal Chad Ochocinco will marry his fiancée Evelyn Lozada Wednesday and a Tri-State woman is headed to the ceremony thanks to a lucky tweet.

Cheryl Minton of Franklin, Ohio, tweeted to Chad about losing her husband of 30 years. She thought a tweet from the NFL star would help lift her spirits. That's when the current Miami Dolphins' wide receiver extended the invitation.

"I'm feeling pretty low today. Lost my hubby 2 weeks ago. Together 30 years. Very hard. Please pray for me. Thanks," Minton tweeted at Ochocinco.

Ochocince tweeted back at her asking if she had a passport and then invited her to his wedding, which is at an undisclosed location. To see the full Twitter conversation, click on the image in the top lefthand corner.

Ochocinco has more than 3.5 million followers on his @Ochocinco Twitter account.

This isn't the first time he's treated his Twitter followers to a free trip or a night out.  In January, he flew a fan to Foxborough, Mass., to hang out. In March, he treated 200 of his tweeps to dinner at Sylvia's, a New York City soul food restaurant.

According to some reports, Lozada isn't the only one changing her last name after the wedding Wednesday.  Chad will reportedly change his legal name back to Chad Johnson.

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