Blake Bowers

Blake Bowers

Real-Time Editor

A proud Southwest Ohio native, Blake came to WCPO after more than 20 years living and working in other parts of the country.

Blake was drawn to journalism from a very young age. As a sixth grader in Clark County, Ohio, Blake was lucky enough to visit a television newsroom as part of a school function.

Around the same time, he attended a local young author’s conference and discovered his love for writing. Journalism seemed a natural choice for a career, and it has been a major part of his life since acquiring his journalism degree from Ohio State.

Highlights from his news life include covering a nighttime police chase with a helicopter pilot that filled an entire 11 o’clock show, and being involved with major stories like the heavily reported Duke Lacrosse case and too many hurricanes to name.

Blake is excited to be back in Ohio and to sample the area’s many Cincinnati chili parlors! He also loves to cook and listen to music of all kinds. On his days off, you can find Blake at local restaurants, escaping to the country for some fresh farmland air, or with his nose in his phone catching up on the latest local and national news.

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Position: Real Time Editor. Started April 4, 2022

Where else?: WSYX in Columbus, WYMT in Hazard, KY, WSOC in Charlotte, NC, WTVD in Raleigh-Durham-Fayetteville, NC and NewsNation in Chicago.

College: The Ohio State University

Proud of: Covering stories that impact people in the community

Proud of in life: Being brave enough to chase dreams

Love about the Tri-state: The people. I have lived hours away for many years, and it has been great to be back home with friendly neighbors. Also a Cincinnati chili enthusiast--what is your favorite parlor?

Fave hangouts: Getting out into the country! Sports: Buckeyes, Reds, Bengals and brand-new fan of FC Cincinnati!

All-time faves:
TV: Twin Peaks
Books: Brave New World/ Aldous Huxley
Movies: The Big Lebowski, The African Queen
Music: Van Halen, Howlin' Wolf and many others!
Apps: WCPO!, SXM, Maps and ABCNews