Julie O'Neill


A dedicated anchor for more than 20 years, Julie’s still “sitting” at the desk while “standing” for excellence in journalism. A reporter resolute to put “people first” (her motto), Julie has boldly and courageously pursued stories important to Greater Cincinnati and beyond, particularly in her new role as a member of WCPO-TV’s revered I-Team investigative unit.

When Julie’s not chasing a big story, she’s chasing her two children (“G-boy” and “Sam E.”) and a dog named “Blue”... and she’s probably singing show tunes while she’s at it.  She comes from a family of opera singers and concert pianists, and studied Musical Theatre at the University of Cincinnati’s prestigious College Conservatory of Music.

Julie received her Broadcast Journalism degree from Louisiana State University (ask her about her classes with Shaq) and notes two career “moments” that stand out: the interview with Mother Teresa and the day she spilled coffee on President Clinton (he wasn’t badly hurt).

“My parents taught me to leave people and places better than I found them.  That’s why I am who I am and do what I do,” Julie will tell you.

Julie “rocks the 11” on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights for WCPO-TV and reports for the I-Team weekdays.  Please “like” her on Facebook, follow her on Twitter, and call her to snitch.

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