Cincinnati Museum Center's 'America I Am' exhibit will capture your attention

CINCINNATI - W.E.B. Du Bois wrote, “Where would America have beenwithout her Negro people?”

After experiencing the America I Am exhibit presented by TavisSmiley, the answer to that question is effectively answered.

The Cincinnati Museum Center exhibit covers 500 years ofAmerican history from the arrival of Africans to the present. Itcelebrates the African American imprint on this country and on theworld. Featuring a compilation of various artifacts and narrativesthat helped shape the world we know today, this exhibit will amazeyou and emotionally capture your attention.

The 12-gallery exhibit opened with a VIP reception Friday, June18. Several hundred local and national supporters came together tocelebrate the occasion. The opening reception built up immenseanticipation for the exhibit. It was touching to see how passionatepeople are about this phenomenal record of African Americanhistory. The exhibit features four central themes in AfricanAmerican history: economic, socio-political, cultural andspiritual.

From a visitor’s standpoint, experiencing this exhibit wastruly something special. To be able to see actual relics fromhistory that influential people have used or touched is amazing.Seeing the chains they used to enslave people, the jail cell thatDr. Martin Luther King Jr. stood behind, and so many otherartifacts is enough to give you chills. People all around wereenthralled, taking each part of the exhibit in carefully.

The exhibit shows how America would not have been the samewithout the African American imprint. America I Am runs throughJanuary 2, 2011.

Cincinnati is fortunate to host something this incredible thatwill hopefully motivate people to make their own imprints on theworld and become "America We Are."