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Abby Dawn

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Real-Time editor,

When did you start working here?
I started here as an intern in May 2016, and I started full time in December 2016 while I finished my last semester of college.

Where else have you worked?
I have worked a lot of odd jobs (ice cream shop, grocery store deli, you name it) since I was 14, but this is my first job in the media out of college. In school, I was the Editor-in-Chief for our news organization, The Northerner.

Where did you go to college?
I'm very proud to say I'm a graduate of Northern Kentucky University. (N O R S E U P!)

What are you most proud of when it comes to your work?
I became interested in journalism because I fell in love with the public service aspect. That has never faded. Even on the hectic days, I'm surrounded by people who really care about serving the community, and that's something I am incredibly proud of.

What do you love about living in the Tri-State?
I'm a Northern Kentucky gal through and through. I spent the first 18 years of my life in Alexandria. (Since you Cincy folks are obsessed with high schools, I went to Bishop Brossart if you must know.) Now, I live with my husband and my 110 pound bear dog in Kenton County.

What are your favorite local hangouts/places, sports & cultural institutions?
Does Darkness Brewing in Bellevue count as a "cultural institution?" LOL — but really, I do love craft beer, so I spend a fair amount of time at local breweries. Darkness and Braxton are my favorites. I also love coffee, and Coffee Emporium is my favorite local spot to grab a drink.

All-time favorites? Books: "The Outsiders" forever and always. I also really like "And Then There Were None" and "The Awakening" by Kate Chopin.

Music: Ed Sheeran. Forever. I saw him once live, and I cried. Don't @ me. I also really like Eric Clapton and Tom Petty.

TV: I love "The Office," "Shameless" and "Bob's Burgers."

Movies: (I love "Napoleon Dynamite" but usually don't tell people until they get to know me.) I really like "Pan's Labyrinth" and "Moulin Rouge." I'll always love "Titanic," don't care whatcha say.

Apps you can’t live without? Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, obvs. They're pretty much just guilty pleasures. Like fried pickles. Or Ludacris.

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