Protecting your plants from frost & freezing temperatures

"This is a new guinea patience. That's not going to tolerate the cold or the frost," said Mike Holscher with Holscher and Hackman Garden Center

But vibrant mums as delicate as they look can withstand a freeze. Mike Holscher tells 9 First Warning Meteorologist Sherry Hughes that tender pottted plants like most annuals can't. 

"Maybe a begonia or maybe some of your petunias the frost will damage them and the cold weather will."

Roses fall under that category too but most yard plants and shrubbery are cold weather ready. "Most of your plants out in the yard or garden like landscape plants, evergreens, Norway spruce, junipers can handle the frost with no problem at all, " Holscher said.

Especially if they have mulch and deep soil beds to keep them warm. "If you're going to fertilize your lawn as far as trying to enhance overall color and vigor of your turf grass, now is the best time of the year to put some fertilizer down."

If you're not sure if you plant can survive freezing temperatures, take it inside or cover it with a sheet.


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