Protect your plants as winter weather grows near

(WCPO) -- Some outdoor plants can take a little frost, but some tender plants can be severely damaged or even die if left outdoors during winter weather. 

Even as delicate as vibrant mums look, they can withstand a freeze.

"Maybe a begonia or maybe some of your petunias," Mike Holscher said, "the frost will damage them and the cold weather will."

Holscher, of Holscher and Hackman Garden Center said most tender plotted plants, like most animals cannot. Roses fall under this category too, but most yard plants and shrubbery are ready for cold weather. 

"Most of your plants out in the yard or garden like landscape plants, evergreens, Norway spruce, junipers can handle the frost with no problem at all," Holscher said. 

Those plants that have mulch and deep soil beds to keep them warm will be fine in frost. 

If you're not sure if your plant can survive freezing temperatures, take them inside or cover them with a sheet. As for hanging plants, chances are they're delicate and should be brought inside until temperatures are well above freezing. 

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