Melting ice and snow send salt and chemicals down the drain

With the bone-chilling temperatures and icy conditions, many of us have been using a lot of salt or deicer.  But now that we’re thawing out, all the salt and chemicals found in those deicer products are going down the drain.

David Rager, executive director of Sanitation District No. 1 in Northern Kentucky said it happens naturally with the temperature changes.

“Those storm drains all lead into some sort of a lake or creek that then can cause environmental problems in the lake or creek,” he said. “It will either run off the street into a storm drain or runs off the curb and into the side yards and it can cause issues depending on what kind of deicer the communities are using.”

Rager says that some deicers have arsenic in them, which can damage vegetation along sidewalks and driveways. You want to look for a deicer that is made with calcium chloride, calcium magnesium, or beet juice. Also, less is best - it doesn’t take a lot to be effective.

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