Local Red Cross volunteers helping Indiana, Illinois tornado victims

CINCINNATI – Local members of the American Red Cross are sending aid to cities in Illinois and Indiana after severe weather and tornados Sunday night.

Cincinnati chapter Red Cross Regional CEO Patricia Mann Smitson said Tri-State volunteers were in the process of traveling to Illinois Tuesday.

There are 2,000 volunteers in the Tri-State area, but they might not be needed, Smitson said.

“The way the Red Cross works is we try to take volunteers that are closest to the incident because that saves expenses and travel and gets people there faster,” Smitson said.

Since the tornado outbreak on Sunday, the greater Cincinnati/Dayton region of the American Red Cross has been contacted by hundreds of residents wanting to help.

“We have been getting a lot of calls,” Smitson said. “This is a very generous community and the way that people can help is to give.  That permits us to make sure that we’re putting the resources in the communities that were hardest hit.”

If you want to donate to the American Red Cross, you can go to redcross.org or text 90999 to donate $10.

“Every gift counts, no matter what the size,” Smitson said.

In addition to dealing with the Midwest tornado outbreak, the American Red Cross is still helping victims of the typhoon in the Philippines. Cincinnati volunteers have been in the Philippines for the last several days. 

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