Another blast of arctic air expected to plunge Tri-State temperatures this week

CINCINNATI -- After a brief break from the cold, Mother Nature will deliver another shot of arctic air to the Tri-State this week.

This arctic blast began creeping into the northern U.S. on Monday, bringing a wave of frigid air that could plunge temperatures in our region by mid-week and cause the cold to linger even longer.

Afternoon highs Tuesday through Thursday will be in the teens, with morning lows in the single digits.

Wednesday should hit 0 degrees, without wind chill taken into account. Thursday is expected to drop as low as 8 degrees -- and Friday will be the most frigid at -1 degrees.

Wind chill for any of these days could push the "feels like" temperature way below zero.

The blast will hit north of the Tri-State even harder. Some areas across the U.S.-Canada border could see nighttime lows in the negative double digits in the next few days.

Portions of Minnesota, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine could have wind chills 34 degrees below zero or colder.


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