Another arctic blast on its way: Temperatures in the Tri-State to dip this week

CINCINNATI -- This is the winter that just won’t quit. It has been cold. It has been snowy.

And it’s been this way since late November.

Meteorologists are running out of ways to describe the bitter, brutal, harsh, cold weather. So much so, the term polar vortex was even dusted off and used again not long ago.

On social media, countdowns to Spring have been popping up more and more and threats were made to a certain groundhog at the beginning of the month.

Just when it seemed all hope was lost and we thought we’d be stuck with arctic temperatures forever, something magical happened this past week -- the Tri-State was able to enjoy at least a few days of warmer weather. On Thursday, temperatures were in the mid-60s in our region -- and temperatures across most of the U.S. were at least 10 to 15 degrees warmer than normal.

People and pets started venturing outside again, and a lot of snow was melting.

This is where the bad news begins. Last week's warm-up was brief, so those who are tired of hearing about the cold should stop reading now. (You’ve been warned.)

During the break in the bitter cold air, the jet stream lifted to the north a little, giving some relief from the cold. By Feb. 26, the pattern reverts to where it’s been most of winter.

The last few days of February will have temperatures at about 10 to 20 degrees below average in the eastern two-thirds of the country.

9 First Warning Weather Meteorologist Sherry Hughes says our forecast this week is trending well below normal. By Thursday, the Tri-State's lows are expected to dip back down into the teens .

Some long range forecast models are also suggesting a continuation of arctic air intrusion over the region in the weeks to come.

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