Cheering at every Bengals' game is child's play for Chucky doll and his family

Kent and Jenny Davis took him on the road and PBS

CINCINNATI  - The Bengals had to work hard to sell out Sunday’s playoff game with the San Diego Chargers, but they can count on one family to be in the front row – not just at Paul Brown Stadium, but at every road game this season, too.

Kent and Jenny Davis have the most traveled Chucky doll in the NFL.

“Our daughter is very jealous of Chucky,” said Jenny.  “Chucky got his own stocking this year.”

People get the wrong idea about the Davises, Kent said. They’re not jetsetters.

“People will say, ‘Those folks are millionaires. Not the case,” Kent said.

“We work hard for our money and we don’t vacation in the summer or anything. (Traveling to Bengals games) is what we use our vacation money for.”

The pair didn’t start the season expecting to be at every Bengals game, but they say this year’s team is special, and after traveling on the first two road trips, they just couldn’t stop.

“It’s just the energy on the field - the energy among the players. You could see something was special this year,” Kent said, “and that’s why we kept going.”

Chucky went to his first NFL game in Tampa Bay when Jon Gruden, the brother of Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden, was the Buccaneers’  head coach.

When Jay signed with the Bengals, Chucky was back in the game.

Chucky has become a celebrity.

“He’s been on Thursday Night Football, Sunday Night, Monday Night, so he’s been around. It's all in fun,” Kent said.

The Davises make it a point to sit in the front row so they can be close to the team. Bengals defensive lineman Domata Peko has taken notice.

“Domata always finds us at the games and his big thing is to pat Chucky on the head for luck, so he got a double pat at the last game,” Kent said.

“He didn’t get to pat him in Pittsburgh, and we all now how that went.”

Chucky usually doesn’t have much trouble getting into stadiums without a ticket, but he almost was not allowed to see the game in Miami.

“They had security concerns about him. That got resolved by going to another gate,” Kent laughed.

While being on the road is fun, the Davises say there is nothing better than being with the rest of Bengals fans at Paul Brown Stadium.

“The home games are what’s special to us, and to go undefeated at home, (that’s) absolutely amazing,” Kent said.

The Davises say they hope to continue their streak to the Super Bowl in New Jersey but they don’t expect to go to all of the away games next year. They are hoping to make it to London and to Hawaii for the Pro Bowl.

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