Bengals and Lions: Tough one to call

Common opponents prove nothing

Whether you're a fan or a sports reporter, you look for ways to predict the outcome of a game. A common method is to study the common opponents, and when it comes to the Bengals and Lions, they have three games to look at.

The Bengals lost to the Chicago Bears on Opening Day, yet a few weeks later, the Bears got handled by the Lions here at Ford Field. Advantage Detroit.

But wait! The Bengals went home and managed to subdue the Green Bay Packers at Paul Brown Stadium. A couple weeks later, the Packers came to Detroit and beat the Lions.  Advantage Bengals.

You'd think the tiebreaker would be common matchups against the Cleveland Browns. The Bengals were beaten by the Browns, while the Lions pulled away for a victory last Sunday.  Both games were in Cleveland.  Chalk up another for the Lions.

Does this indicate a Lions victory Sunday?  Probably not because we know that the Bengals gave away that game to the Bears and played their worst game of the season against the Browns.  But those are just excuses.

The numbers are fun to look at, but so much more is determined week to week by the home field, the conditions, the health of the teams and significance of the game.  All those things affect emotion and no sport involves more emotion than football.

So there's no surefire way to pick this game.  If there was a way, we wouldn't have to watch on Sunday, would we?

That said.  I'll go with the Bengals by a field goal.

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