OSU Buckeyes college football: A look at the 2013 season so far

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — What's brewing with the 2013 Ohio State Buckeyes ...

BUCKEYES BUZZ: WR Corey Brown says not all the Ohio State players were sold when Urban Meyer and his new coaching staff first started.

"These last couple of years I've had a different position coach basically every year. So I guess it's just a trust thing," he said. "When they first got here, nobody really trusted them. We didn't know what they were bringing to the table. Now, having a year under our belts, we've got a way better relationship than we had before."

Of course, rising in the middle of the night is no way to win converts, Brown said.

"When they first came here, we had those little 4 or 5 a.m. workouts outside and in the snow. I don't think anybody had a real good, like, anything good to say about them at that point," he said. "Now it's like everybody around here loves them. They're doing all the right things. They put us in the right position to win games."

SURPRISE RECEPTION: Sometimes the coaching staff has the players work and work and work on a play. No one on the team is surprised when it results in a big gainer.

Then there are other times when even the players are surprised by the result.

TE Jeff Heuerman entered the season with high hopes of having a big year, of being a major target for Ohio State's QBs.

Then he didn't have a catch in the opener. But last week against San Diego State, he not only had five receptions but even got one that the Buckeyes had not really practiced.

"You know that first catch on that slant that I had?" Heuerman said. "I couldn't tell you the last time I caught one of those, not even in practice. I'm kind of a decoy on that play, to get our Z receiver, usually Evan Spencer, open and (for the QB to) get it to him right behind me. It just happened to work out that the linebacker flowed a little fast and left me open and Braxton (Miller) was able to get it out before he got tackled."

Heuerman said he was just running his route when he saw something in Miller's eyes.

"I saw Braxton look (at me and) I felt that linebacker come out," he said. "I figured he was going to try to get it out there and he got it out right away."

QUOTABLE: CB Armani Reeves on his goal on special teams: "It's a lot of fun being on special teams and doing what I do best, just being a nuisance to everybody."

FIRST TIME FOR EVERYTHING: Meyer was asked by a California beat writer if he or anyone on his coaching staff has any experience defending against Cal coach Sonny Dykes' "Bear Raid" passing attack.

"Ahh, let me think. You'd have to ask our defensive coaches. We've only been together for a year and we didn't face anything like this last year — not a Mike Leach-style, Sonny Dykes-style (offense)," Meyer said. "You caught me off guard, but off the top of my head, I don't feel that we've faced one like this, not one that's going to throw it 70 times."

DUNN MAY BE DONE FOR 2013: Bri'onte Dunn, considered the No. 2 tailback on the depth chart for the opener, has yet to touch the ball.

Meyer hinted that he might be held out to get a redshirt season later on.

"Bri'onte is battling every day. I love him. He's a great kid. He's got to learn the offense a little bit better. And he's just got to go (when he carries the ball)," Meyer said. "I'm very cautious about wasting years. We wasted a year with him last year; he only got a few carries and didn't play very much. (WR) Mike Thomas falls into that category as well, because they have redshirt years available. We don't redshirt, however, I just don't want to waste a year on two guys that I think are very talented players."

HYDE IS CHIC: TB Carlos Hyde led the Buckeyes in scoring a year ago and was the second-leading rusher. But he was suspended for the first three games after an alleged physical confrontation with a female this summer in a bar.

Hyde won't be able to play in a game until a week from Saturday, but he's been preparing his teammates by carrying the ball for the scout team which runs the Cal offense.

"We've been working on fast-paced offense this whole week. Our scout guys have done an incredible job with that," S Christian Bryant said. "(QB) J.T. Barrett and Carlos have done a fantastic job giving us looks. It's good to see a great back like that give you multiple looks."

Bryant said it's clear that Hyde can't wait to play in a real game.

"He's been preparing our defense for three weeks now," he said. "He's really ready to get back on the field. He's doing everything he can in his power to give the defense the best look that he can."


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