Reds set record season for number of free LaRosa's pizzas

CINCINNATI – The Cincinnati Reds season is over. All hope of postseason glory ended in Pittsburgh on Tuesday night.

A quarter of a million fans who attended a regular season game though might find solace in food and a record setting season of a different sort.

According to LaRosa's, the local pizzeria potentially handed out 225,000 free small pizzas as a result of 11 or more strikeouts occurring in 22 individual home games.

That's about $1.3 million worth of product, according to Ann Keeling, a public relations specialist who works with LaRosa's.

The number of 11 strike out games at Great American Ball Park is nearly double the amount of free pizza games that happened in 2011 (10) and 2012 (14).

Overall, the Reds ended their regular season ranking first in team strikeouts with 1296 in the National League.

This year the promotion drew such praise from fans that officials at the ballpark played into it, making sure to post graphics on the scoreboard when the 11th strikeout occurred.

Don't Waste Your Money reporter John Matarese spoke with LaRosa's CEO Mike LaRosa earlier in season and LaRosa said the pizzamaker was dedicated to the promotion for the long haul.

"We definitely can afford to keep doing it," LaRosa said. "The economics do work out, and guests buy other products when they come in for their free pizza.  So there's no danger we'll stop doing it. It (has) been a lot of fun."

On Wednesday, Keeling added, "It's been highly successful in so many ways, so I'd expect it to continue."

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