Cincinnati Reds share favorite Opening Day memories

CINCINNATI - We asked Reds players to share their favorite Opening Day moments.

Jonathan Broxton wanted to talk about hitting two home runs in high school. OK, he's bigger than we are, so we went with it.

Sean Marshall, Johnny Cueto, Brandon Phillips, Sam LeCure, Todd Frazier, Homer Bailey and Chris Heisey also chipped in.

Read their comments here or watch them in the video player at the top of the page.

Sean Marshall

"Opening Day in Cincinnati is great. It's good to know when we leave spring training we go home, because I guess we're the longest franchise and we have that honor to start at home every year and then do the great parade, the people show up...

"I closed the game out with the Marlins my first year as a Red. I'll never forget that. The crowd was on its feet. I struck out, I think, (Giancarlo) Stanton to end the game. It was as good of an experience as I've ever had in baseball.

"I'm looking forward to Opening Day this year. It's always special.  The flyover, the anthem, always give me goosebumps."

Jonathan Broxton

"Probably my first high school game. I hit two homers that day, so, that's probably what stands out most."

Ken Broo: "So you could handle the bat when you were younger? What happened?"

" I can still handle the bat now, but uh ... "

Broo: "You haven't had any at bats in how long?"

"Two years, three years, something like that."

Broo: "You didn't have any in Kansas City, I know that."

"You think? The year before I was in LA, I think, was the last one. I think I got 10 at-bats."

Broo: "How many hits?"

"None. It's a different level up here!"

Broo: "You think?"

Johnny Cueto

(Speaking through an interpreter)

"I can't forget the one where they gave me the ball for the first time against Arizona, I believe, I don't remember.  (It was Miami).

"I got 10 strikeouts. I only allow one hit in seven innings. I will never forget that one.

"But you know what, they all mean something for me, every single one that I have so far."

Brandon Phillips

"My favorite Opening Day moment was wearing the Joe Nuxhall jersey, 41, on my back. That was pretty neat because me and Joe were real close. (Each Red came out for Opening Day 2008 wearing a Nuxhall jersey after the old left-hander died in 2007.)

"I got to know him real well on the Reds' Cruise. He used to call me the 'Cruise Director.' That was just pretty awesome. The legendary Joe Nuxhall calling me that, that was just amazing, to honor him by wearing his jersey."

Todd Frazier

"Probably last year that was big for me, I was a starter. J just to hear the roar of the crowd was pretty cool.

"Cincinnati does it really good, I think they do the best Opening Day ... packed house.

"Where I live I can see all the fans already outside the door, and it's pretty cool.

"You wish it was a little warmer, but at the same time you're hot enough because your energy's moving."

Homer Bailey

"I think Ramon Hernandez had a walk-off home run one time, that was a pretty cool one, you know.

"I think it was against St Louis maybe. Seems so long ago."

(It was against Milwaukee in 2011.)

Chris Heisey

"I cannot remember any personal successes on Opening Day, but I do remember Ramon Hernandez's walk-off home run on Opening Day a couple years back. That was really, really exciting."

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