Cincinnati Reds Opening Day 2014: Parade rerouted due to streetcar construction

CINCINNATI – This year’s Opening Day parade celebrating the return of baseball to the Queen City is taking a detour.

Parade organizers said in February the 95th Findlay Market Opening Day Parade will be routed away from Race Street because of construction for the streetcar project.

Historically, Race Street, where Findlay Market is located, has been the main north-south route for the parade celebrating all things Cincinnati Reds.

Reds Opening Day is set for Monday, with the parade scheduled to kick off at noon. The hometown team faces the St. Louis Cardinals at Great American Ball Park at 4:10 p.m.

The parade detour will start on Race then west on Liberty, south down Elm Street, east on on Central Parkway and then back to Race where the parade will turn left on Fifth Street past Fountain Square, according to the Findlay Market Parade website.

Street closures for the parade will start in the Findlay Market area at about 8 a.m. Monday.

Most of the closures will be around Race, Elm, and Fifth streets, essentially separating the city from east to west for most of the afternoon.

Cincinnati police say if you’re planning to come downtown 20 to 30 minutes before the start of the game and park anywhere close to the stadium, think again.

Sgt. Timothy Fritz says there are two types of motorists when it comes to Opening Day: those who plan ahead and those who will be frustrated.

"You're going to have those people that come early, do a little pre-planning, know where they want to park, maybe park uptown. Lots (there) will be a little cheaper, easier to get in to," he said. "Then, there's going to be those people who arrive late, have trouble parking, get stuck in traffic. They'll be frustrated before they even get to enjoy the game."

There are a handful street parking space available but they’ll likely be taken early in the day.

Parking garages are available throughout the city including several locations between Third and Sixth streets.

While you can park by Great American Ball Park, be prepared to pay.

"The closer you are to the stadium, the more expensive it's going to be. The further out you get, the cheaper the parking will get. You will have to do a little walking. It's going to be a nice day," Fritz said.

Temperatures are expected to be in the high 50s and mid-60s all day. We'll even have some sunshine.

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