Ken Broo's Spring Training Blog: Latos raring to throw just days after surgery


GOODYEAR Ariz. - Bryan Price is holding his first team meeting as a big league manager and no, the media isn't invited to that.  But most players expect it to be lively.

Price is one of the funnier people on the team.  He's also no nonsense but gives his players great freedom to expand their skills....or so I'm told.

Hearing that Homer Bailey is "very close" to signing that new contract.  Ken Rosenthal of says the deal is somewhere north of $100 million and somewhere south of $110.  So far, no comment from Bailey

Talked with a lot of players today before the team meeting. 

Mat Latos, coming off surgery on his non-pitching elbow this off-season and a recent knee surgery, told me he might try to pitch today.  The team may have a large say in that, as the prognosis was for Latos to throw again about a week from now.  He also told me it's actually worse that his injured knee is his left knee.  "It's the one I land on, after throwing a pitch", Latos told me.  "There's more impact than with my push off (right) knee."

Terrific story about Reds back up catcher Brayan Pena.  He defected from the Cuban national team by jumping out a window in Venezuela, while touring with the Cuban national team.  He literally had to go under cover for six months, as the Venezuelan media had his picture posted in newspapers and on TV newscasts.  You'll see that story on 9 On Your Side in the upcoming weeks, as well as in depth here on

And thanks to all who corrected my tweet that said Bryan Price instead of Brayan Pena.  I like vigilance.....

It's 82* out here right now, so there...

We'll see you on the TV side tonight beginning with 9 On Your Side at 5pm....

10 A.M. POST

The first day for the full squad at Reds Spring Training 2014 will be a busier day than any so far.

The "Every Day" players, the position players, are due in for physicals. That take up most of the morning.  At 11 a.m.  local time (1 p.m. ET) , the new manager, Bryan Price will hold his first team meeting.  That's when the manager usually goes over ground rules as to how thing will go this season.  Facial hair, or lack of it, is a new rule for this team.  It's not Marge Schott-esque. But Price wants none of his players looking like they're auditioning for a role on "Duck Dynasty".....

Pitchers and catchers have been here since last Friday.  And aside from Mat Latos and his surgically repaired knee, there seems to be little news from that group so far.  But stand by.  Johnny Cueto's health is always an issue it seems out here....

I'm anxious to talk with catcher Devin Mesoraco, who is now No. 1 on the depth chart at his position.  Mesoraco must be able acquit himself well with the bat for the Reds to have any chance of producing enough runs to win this season....

And then, of course, there's the Billy Hamilton angle.  He's young and fast.  Hamilton set the record for most steals in one season of professional baseball last season.  But he managed to get on base just 30% of the time in AAA in 2013. That isn't going to be good enough now in Major League Baseball.

Questions that need answers ... guess that's why I'm out here..

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