Another quiet weather morning

Find out the timeline for weekend rain

I'll be brief since the weather will continue to be superb the next couple of days. Skies will be clear again for the morning as temperatures start in the mid to upper 40s by daybreak. 

No weather issues will greet you out the door to start our Friday. In fact, temperatures climb quickly making into the 70s by lunchtime before finishing in the mid to upper 70s. And this is with plenty of sunshine. 


Saturday will even get warmer by a couple of degrees as we push near 80 for afternoon high temperatures. The forecast changes on Sunday as a cold front approaches.

At it stands now, the cold front will bring increasing clouds through the day, but likely we will stay dry until the evening at the earliest. The wet weather probably won't fall for many until later around 11 p.m. Showers and rain continue overnight into Monday. Spotty showers continue Monday and, perhaps, Tuesday. 

One things seems certain...Fall comes back on Tuesday. Chilly highs in the low 60s and upper 50s with morning lows in the upper 30s with remind us it's nearly the end of October. 


Clear sky
Low: 49


Sunny skies
& mild
High: 75


Mostly clear
Low: 52

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