Bernard Jordan, World War II veteran, makes great escape to attend D-Day celebration

Seven decades after storming beaches for the D-Day invasion of France, Bernard Jordan, 89, made a daring escape to return to those shores Friday.

The British World War II veteran went missing from the nursing home where he lives on England's south coast Thursday, according to ABC News. Nursing home staff earlier denied Jordan's request to make the trip to Normandy for a D-Day memorial.

Wearing his war medals, the Royal Navy veteran joined former comrades on a coach and then a ferry to France. Jordan's disappearance from the nursing home sparked a search for him involving local authorities, ABC reported.

On Friday, a local police chief tweeted:

"Love this: 89yr old veteran reported missing by care home who said he can’t go to Normandy for #DDay70 remembrance. We’ve found him there!"

On his trip, Jordan had his picture taken with ferry crew and the "Candy Girls," a group who were on board to entertain veterans with music from the 1940's, ABC reported.

Jordan was given his own private cabin, all meals and a car to return him to his nursing home once he was found.

“I knew he was a game old boy," said Sonia Pittam to ABC News, who met him on board the ferry and took him to his cabin and then up to the ferry's bridge. "He certainly has his wits about him. He didn't say much about the [D-Day] landings, just how pleased he was to be on board and couldn't believe how everyone was looking after them and all the people waving on the route to the harbor entrance.”

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