What do you think? Twitter changes direct message (DM) policy

CINCINNATI - In Twitter's latest move, now you can choose if you want to receive direct messages (DMs) from people who are following you without having to follow them back.

ABC News reported this yesterday, citing a post from marketing blogger Jim Connolly.

According to ABC News, DMs are usually “restrictive” and used to only be allowed if you invite them by following a user first. Now you can opt-in to getting them from anyone who follows you.

Connolly also tells ABC News that businesses will probably benefit from the change the most "Pretty much every sizeable brand has a social media team," he said. "They now have a tool that they couldn't have dreamed of before to help them."

Mashable.com's Nellie Akalp agrees this new option will be most beneficial to companies that use Twitter as a customer service channel.

"By allowing their accounts to accept DMs from anyone, brands can receive private customer service messages from customers, without having to first follow them," Akalp writes.

WCPO hopes to receive DMs from followers with story ideas and breaking news tips. 

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