Twitter is tested and #CincinnatiClippers gets trending: The digital week in review

CINCINNATI - Twitter in the news. Reports released Tuesday indicate that Twitter topped 250 million users and even beat its first quarter revenue estimates.

But, then came the concerning news: Twitter users are less active than ever . In fact, many analysts even went so far as to say Twitter was reminiscent of AOL's early days: revolutionary but not forever dominant. 

Banned for life. LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling was banned from the NBA for life by Commissioner Adam Silver after TMZ posted a recording of Sterling making racist comments. Of course, social media erupted with conversation after Silver’s press conference on April 29.

  • Cincinnati residents wasted no time in calling for the Clippers to relocate to the Queen City. In fact, #CincinnatiClippers started trending immediately.

Beach Bods. Beach season is right around the corner. If you haven’t been training for your city’s spring marathon or focusing on your swimsuit physique since January 1, chances are, you may not feel ready to venture out in the sun with limited fabric covering your body. But these fitness apps can help you get started so you’re not the only one in a t-shirt on that Memorial Day weekend getaway.

Hiding your digital pregnancy. Hiding those first few weeks of pregnancy from friends and family can be tricky enough. But hiding your entire nine-month experience from the Internet? That’s another story entirely. One woman, however, was up for the task .

Snapchat steps up its game. A May surprise: Snapchat released two highly requested features on May 1 , bringing users the ability to send text-based messages (that--like the photos--disappear) and new video calling feature that allows users to instantaneously connect via video, regardless of what mobile device they’re using. Let the shenanigans continue.

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