Six seconds of LOLs: The best Vine accounts you're probably not following yet

CINCINNATI - You can pack a lot of funny in six seconds. You can also jam-pack those six seconds with talent, wit, and mind-boggling tricks. And that’s exactly what the popular video-sharing app Vine aims to give to users.

Whether you’re an avid Vine user or just a casual voyeur, here are a few accounts – both mind-blowing and hilarious – that you’re probably not following yet.

  • WARNING: some of the language or content in these Vine channels may not be appropriate for all audiences.

Parker Barton – The Tuscaloosa, Ala. musician dazzles country music fans in just six seconds with his covers of popular hits. Often accompanied by his piano or guitar, Barton is even an avid social media user sharing extended clips of his performances on Instagram and YouTube .

Logan Paul – The Cleveland native and Ohio University freshman rose to Vine fame thanks to his funny and gymnastic-inspired posts. From ambushing people in OU dining halls to acrobatics in his dorm and collaborations with his brother, Paul has over 2.8 million followers and actually boasts a verified Vine account!

  • VINE TIP: Ohio U alumni on Vine love following Paul because he shoots his videos all over campus, sharing that glimpse of Baker University Center, East Green and even those dining halls that we all miss so much.

Trey Kennedy – Kennedy’s account is full of close observations about the opposite sex, hilarious pop culture references and even some samplings of his vast musical range. He’s also quick to bring his friends into the action and give viewers a sample of his humor.

  • VINE TIP: Check out his cover of OneRepublic’s “Counting Stars." His vocal range is incredible! Plus, his “Chilling in my Snuggie” post? Totally hilarious!

Evancredible – Cute kid? Winner. Cute kid who says and does the darndest things? This is one Vine account you’ll want to follow. It’s full of the stuff you fear your kids saying and doing, yet Evancredible makes it look so darn irresistible!

Q-Park – Singing, dancing and sometimes crawling his way through New York City, Q-Park is probably your spirit animal. He strategically posts on Vine the things we’re all thinking or dream of doing, getting praise from his one million-plus followers in the process.

Darius Benson – The Memphis, Tenn. 20-year-old claims to have “a lot of random skills” – a few of which are his priceless reactions to Hip Hop Disney tunes, celebrity impersonations, his musings while working at Target and juggling. Give him a follow for some serious laughs!

Anna Clendening – this Chapel Hill, NC is the perfect mix of funny and talented. Her re-Vines will have you cracking up, her original content is insightful (how she burns calories? By lighting the paper that says “Calories” on fire!) and her vocals will impress you.

  • VINE TIP:  Her acoustic cover of Gucci Mane’s “Freaky Girl” actually makes the song sound gorgeous!

Alphacat – The Los Angeles Vine funnyman is known for his spot-on impressions and his unique spin on pop culture and the humdrum of everyday life. And more than 2.4 million followers agree!

  • VINE TIP: Alphacat’s impressions of President Obama are hilarious; possibly better than the ones I’ve seen on “Saturday Night Live.”

Okay Viners, sound off: which Vine account is your absolute favorite? Let me know on Twitter, @jennyfromthebak .

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