Shop 'til you drop! Fashion app Postelio promises to put a second opinion in the palm of your hand

CINCINNATI - We’ve all been there: The mall, by yourself, without your best friends and shopping buddies to give you the second opinion you desperately need on that dress.

Now, even if your friends can be by your side, they can be in your pocket--according to the makers of the new fashion app, Postelio .


Here’s how Postelio works: You take a photo of the apparel, shoes or accessories you’re considering, send it to your fashion-forward friends in the app, and get their feedback.


While you’re sharing photos, casting votes or browsing similar items on Postelio, you’re earning points that convert to cash and coupons directly from participating retailers. Plus, Postelio users get exclusive offers and fashion news from the retailers they follow.


Postelio is a free app for iPhone and Android devices on the App Store and Google Play.


If you give this app a try, we'd like to know what you think? Any other fashion or style apps you like? Tweet @jennyfromthebak!

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