Six more US retailers attacked like Target, security firm IntelCrawler says

Experts at the cybercrime firm Intelcrawer say they have uncovered six U.S. stores under attack by the same malware used to steal data from Target.

Reuters reported the company has informed law enforcement of the breach, as well as Visa and other financial institutions. 

IntelCrawler identified the malware author who hacked Target as a 17-year-old company out of St. Petersburg, Russia. The company is BlackPOS, more commonly known as "Ree4."

The Chief Executive of IntelCrawler, Andrew Komarov, told Reuters that credit card data was stolen from these six undisclosed stores, but he didn't know how much data was taken. 

A majority of the attacks from this company have been aimed at the United States, although their report uncovered similar attacks by the company in other countries, like Canada and Australia.

Aside from Target, Neiman Marcus came forward with reports that the company was also a victim of a cyber attack.

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