July 7 - LeBron is back, Spielberg's dino hunt and Seinfeld on your cell: the digital review

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - LeBron heads home: A nation held its breath this week while waiting to hear LeBron James' decision: would he stay with the Miami Heat? Return to the Cleveland Cavaliers? Sign with another team and shock us all? Well, on Friday July 11, we got our answer: the King was going home to Cleveland, Oh. Read more about LeBron's decision to return to the Cavs here

Steven Spielberg’s dino hunt: The Internet never ceases to amaze us. This week’s jaw-dropping revelation was that director Steven Spielberg – wait for it – hunts dinosaurs. You don’t believe that? Well apparently, quite a few Web surfers do

Yadda yadda yadda: In all of their puffy-shirt glory, Seinfeld emojis could be populating your smartphone in the very near future. From a Festivius pole to a Pez dispenser to Jerry Seinfeld himself, designer Kevin McCauley and Jason Richards (who is behind the @Seinfeld2000 account) brought the idea to life, much to the delight of Seinfeld fans everywhere. The best part? It has already been submitted to the app store and it awaiting approval. 

#BRAvsGER won Twitter: The only way you missed this story is if you managed to stay far, far away from newsstands, the Internet, a TV, a bar, or your friends: Germany ousted Brazil in the World Cup semifinals in an overwhelming 7-1 defeat… and it was the most Tweeted sports game ever . You read that right. 

Emergen-selfie: While most airline passengers freak out during an in-flight emergency, Twitter user Jeyo_the_Kin_Pin took a selfie . I don’t remember THAT being one of the instructions the flight attendants share as you’re taking off…    

Your videos, viral: We watch ‘em, we share ‘em, we talk about ‘em… but creating a viral video? That takes a little more work. We rounded up 7 to help YOUR videos go down in Internet fame; check them out here

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