iPhone (AAPL) release: Kenwood Towne Center opens its doors early to people seeking new smartphone

CINCINNATI -- Friday will be a holiday of sorts for Apple fans who plan to celebrate the release of the new iPhone models.

As a part of their Christmas in September, Apple fanboys camped out overnight in front of retailers in order to get their hands on the first versions of the new iPhone 5C and 5S models, both of which are equipped with the much-hyped iOS 7 operating system.

Outside the flagship Apple Store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, a handful of fanatics started lining up two weeks before the launch date, according to an article on CNET.com .

Lines in Cincinnati haven't been quite that bad, mostly by design.

Check out a photo gallery of the Apple release at Kenwood Towne Center: http://www.wcpo.com/news/news-photo-gallery/iphone-aapl-release-kenwood-towne-center-opens-its-doors

Security allowed customers to start lining up outside Kenwood Towne Center  at 4 a.m. They can enter the mall to get in line outside the Apple Store at 6 a.m. The store is located  on the second level of the building near the Macy's.

Not everyone will seek out a Mac Genius to get their new prized possession, though. Customers are also expected to flock to other retail stores that carry the trendy smartphones like Best Buy, Walmart and retail shops for most cellphone providers.

Of course, not everyone has the time, ability or the willpower to wait in line for hours at a time. For those of you with the financial means to afford it, you can actually pay someone to wait in line for you.

The online company TaskRabbit  will help you find a "line sitter" to hold your place in line until its time for you to pick up your shiny new gizmo. The website allows you to negotiate the rate, but the company charges a 20 percent fee and recommends paying a rate of $14 an hour to your line sitter.

Should you decide to go that route, the company suggests switching places with your hired help 10 minutes before they reach the front of the line.

At the Apple Store at Kenwood Towne Center, that means you'll need to show up around 8 a.m., when the store opens to customers. That's two hours earlier than the store's typical Friday start time.

Should you not want want to brave the early morning hours and crazed Apple fans, you can venture to retail stores later in the day as well. The Apple Store and most other retailers will remain open until 9 p.m. Friday.

However, buyer beware: There are a limited number of iPhones available for the launch so not everyone who makes it to an electronics store on Friday -- or this weekend -- is guaranteed a phone.

CNET.com reports  pre-orders for the iPhone 5C began last week, and ship dates soon began to slip. In some places orders are backed up for several days due to both demand and possible tech hang-ups, according to author Eric Mack .

"As the official launch date arrives, the iPhone 5S seems to be in particularly short supply, with some speculating that the fingerprint sensor might be difficult for suppliers to deliver on time," Mack wrote.

Our advice? Call ahead. The phone number for the Apple Store is (513) 791-9866.


You can get a comparison of the new iPhones to other popular smartphones on the market at the following link: www.wcpo.com/news/technology/reviews-iphone-aapl-galaxy-s4-htc-one-moto-x-and-more

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