Celebrate Twitter's 8th birthday with first Tweets, a new Twitter feature & Turkish Twitter ban

CINCINNATI -- Your first tweet went a little like this – When did you join Twitter? How did you announce yourself to the social world? Stop wondering and start reading: Twitter rolled out first-tweets.com as a way to celebrate its 8th birthday. Go check out what YOUR first 140 characters looked like! The really fun part? You can type in any public account's handle and see other first tweets!

A big change coming to Twitter? – What are the odds Twitter would phase out it’s iconic hashtags and at-replies? Pretty high, if Vivian Schiller (head of news at Twitter) is correct.

Think Twitter is ready to undergo a big change, or are you happy with the way it is now?

Twitter tests new feature – In more Twitter news this week, the social media giant is testing a few new “favorite people” feature with some Android users. The feature will group accounts users prefer in one section, ensuring they don’t miss any must-see Tweets.

Turkey tries to take down Twitter – Trying to use Twitter in Turkey? Not so fast. In this week’s “say what?!” social story, the microblogging site was blocked in Turkey when Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan vowed to “wipe out Twitter” on Thursday. Say. What?!

Fortunately for Turkish Twitter users, President Abdullah Gül tweeted (we love irony!) on Friday that “a complete shutdown of social media platforms cannot be approved.” Breathe easy, Tweeters!

Earthquake shakes L.A.Think about you’d react if an earthquake rattled your city…then you can laugh at these two news anchors in Los Angeles.

Plus, take a look at some of the clever earthquake-centered Tweets to come out of the West Coast Monday morning. 

I'm anxious to see what YOUR first Tweet said. Tweet it to me, @jennyfromthebak.

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