Can't send your iMessage? You're not alone

CINCINNATI - You aren’t the only one who’s having trouble sending messages from your iPhone to your friends' iPhones.

According to , many Apple users are having issues sending iMessages, messages sent between iPhone users, after updating to the iOS 7 software.

"We are aware of an issue that affects a fraction of a percent of our iMessage users, and we will have a fix available in an upcoming software update," Apple's Trudy Muller told ABC News. "In the meantime, we encourage any users having problems to reference our troubleshooting documents or contact AppleCare to help resolve their issue. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes impacted users."

A quick fix is available for some by simply rebooting the phone, according to Restarting network settings is another way to fix the interruption, at least temporarily. You can do this by going to Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings.

9 On Your Side viewers and @WCPO Twitter followers sounded off on the issue, tweeting that a number of Tri-Staters are experiencing iMessage interruptions.

When @WCPO asked about the problem, Kristen Cripe tweeted “yes !!!! it will just randomly stop sending my iMessages. And it’s so annoying.” 

User Drew Hunt tweeted a solution, similar to what ABC News reported.

“Just turn your phone off and back on, I had the same problem,” he tweeted.

Are you having any other problems with the updated iOS7? Let us know in the comments section below or tweet us at @WCPO.

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