Bright Ideas: App that gets your request to the DJ & a project that exposes new writers to audiences

CINCINNATI - The Cincinnati area is rich in creativity and bright ideas. Many artists, community activists and entrepreneurs are ready to run with projects and programs, and they’re turning to crowdfunding sites to fuel their ideas.

Each week, we’ll highlight two projects that are underway and asking for your support.

Project> iDJ – Song Requests Made Easy

Started: January 30, 2014
Goal: $85,000
Project By: Wendell Adkins & James Dingess

Have you ever been at a club or event and wished that you could send the DJ your request directly? Wendell Adkins and James Dingess feel your pain: iDj is their idea for a mobile app that will allow a person to send live song requests to their DJ right from a smartphone.

The idea for iDJ came to Dingess while he was working as a professional DJ for at wedding reception in Florida. As he was standing behind his laptop fumbling through albums and trying to take requests, he began to think, "There had to be an easier way to do this."

It was just then that he got a text message from the wedding coordinator requesting a song. Eureka!

  • Where will the money go? Adkins said funds will go to purchasing equipment; a cross-compatible android app monthly for the continuing costs of the site; a VPN rental for debugging information and cloud data; a Google apps email account for handling questions, suggestions, and any potential problems from iDJ app users. Adkins added that they money will also provide compensation to app developers.

Dingess hopes the app will help DJs better connect with their audiences He said, “Music is a common denominator in nearly every social event, both recreational and professional. The right music can make the difference between success and failure in all social events, be it a club, a coffee shop, a local fundraiser, or a wedding reception."

Why should people support iDJ – Song Requests Made Easy? 

Wendell Adkins says: "We can't speak on the behalf of others, but I can tell you the two biggest reasons we are making this application. The first is that iDJ is an app we personally love and would like to have. The second is what James and I really believe it can do for people. Our entire team is in love with problem solving and connecting people and iDJ accomplishes both very easily.

WATCH: iDJ - Song Requests Made Easy video

Days until this project closes: 29

Project> Jamais Vu: Raising the Profile

Started: February 2, 2014
Goal: $800
Project By: Eric Beebe

This is a project that focuses on authors. Created through Post Mortem Press, it is a spinoff of sorts of the first project, Jamais Vu – The Journal of the Strange Among the Familiar. While previously, authors such as Clive Barker, Joe Hill, and Jack Ketchum have brought attention to the books, Eric Beebe is hoping for something new and original: short fiction stories from writers and a professional pay rate of five cents per word or higher depending on experience.

  • Where will the money go? Funds raised for the project will go to cover the cost of the well-known authors' original work, while still leaving a payment pool other less known authors.

Beebe said he believes the success of the project could greatly impact the community by providing exposure for emerging authors. He added that with so many new books being published every week, it is difficult for an emerging author to get noticed. He hopes his project will provide an avenue for these authors to find success.

Why should people support Jamais Vu: Raising the Profile?

Eric Beebe says: “This project allows for Jamais Vu to solicit and purchase new original work from top authors to help raise the profile of the emerging authors we support. Your support will allow these emerging authors to have their work alongside bestselling authors. Beyond the simple satisfaction of helping, supporters will also receive copies of the work they are supporting.”

Days until this project closes: 29

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