Brace yourselves: 'Full House' dads reunite & Facebook makes mobile money, in the digital week

CINCINNATI - This week was all about the Grammys, a rare wicked Southern winter (with photos), Facebook making mobile money and, of course, new elements in the Justin Bieber saga. 

#DeportBieber picks up steam. A petition to deport Justin Bieber has received more than 100,000 signatures, which means the White House has to respond . Seriously.

Meet the Grammys’ social media maven. The 2014 music awards show blew up on social media. According to Billboard, it garnered 34 million social media interactions on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter. Ever wondered who's behind the Grammy Awards social media accounts? Lindsay Gabler  is the one-woman band in charge of the biggest night in music.

"The 2013 Grammy event...drew 25 million social media interactions, up from 19 million the year before, according to The Recording Academy, which puts on the annual award show." - Billboard

Brace yourself: Winter came to Atlanta. Fans of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” have seen what a post-apocalyptic Atlanta would look like. This week, thanks to a polar vortex that swept through most of the nation, the South got hit with snow and the perils that come along with it. The photos…well, they’re kind of eerie .

The cutest Super Bowl Ad this year will be…? This one. Watch Budweiser's take on puppy love  and try not to get emotional. And try not to run out and buy a puppy afterward. Someone hold me back.

Behind the State of the Union – To the American citizens at home, the State of the Union looks like a smooth-flowingly, perfectly timed and executed gathering of our nations leaders. But behind the scenes? Well, these photos from Tuesday’s address should give you a little glimpse into the sheer madness that is the SOTU.

It’s Vine-tastic! You may be a Vine pro, or you may be new to the six-second video-sharing app. Either way, here are some of funniest and most talent-packed Vine accounts you’ll want to follow to maximize your Vine experience.

A very "Full House." It had to be done: the "Full House" dads--Danny, Uncle Jesse and Joey--had to reunite . And Jimmy Fallon was just the person to bring them all together. Nineties fans, this probably made your year (and it's only January).

Facebook flourishing... on mobile. Remember Facebook's IPO flop? What a difference mobile makes. Investors are bullish about the social network now that its mobile offerings are making money. CNNMoney reports ad revenue from mobile  represented 53 percent of all Facebook ad revenue in the fourth quarter. That's up from 23 percent last year--and up from zero at the time of the IPO.

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