An icy Olympic meme, a 'House' party & Facebook's new gender options: The digital week in review

CINCINNATI - This week was all about the Winter Olympics, Valentine’s Day, and the return of House of Cards (which, ironically, many fans will probably be abandoning Feb. 14 plans in favor of). What else did you miss in the digital arena? Read on!

Liquid + gloves + smartphone = …  The newest hot item to help you operate your smartphone with ease? It could be a conductive liquid solution that will turn any pair of gloves into smartphone-friendly gloves. Read how one company is using Kickstarter to fund this idea and make it a reality.

Ashely Wagner is not impressed . There’s a lot we could talk about in regard to digital and the Winter Olympics. From mind-bending moves on a snowboard to poor Bob Costas’ eyes (darn that infection), the Olympics invaded pretty much every aspect of the digital world this week. The one that had all of social media buzzing? That would be Ashley Wagner and how obviously mad she was about her score.

@SochiProblems . C’mon, with all the stories of mini-disasters coming out of Sochi, did you REALLY think this Twitter account wouldn’t exist?

#JohnnyQuinnProblemsAmerican bobsledder Johnny Quinn hasn’t had much luck with doors in Sochi.

Return to the HouseAll I need on Valentine’s Day is some Chinese takeout and Netflix: House of Cards is back for its second season, and the groundbreaking series is bound to make quite a few people redirect their Feb. 14 attention. Get excited.

Facebook adds gender optionsThis week, Facebook changed its gender selections to offer more than just “male” and “female;" in fact, the social media giant added nearly 50 terms people can use to identify themselves.

Which digital moment was your "standout moment" this week? Tweet me, @jennyfromthebak , and let me know!

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