A Bieber breakdown, the look of freedom & a Taco Bell Craigslist SOS top the digital week in review

CINCINNATI - Perfect videos on the horizon. Raise you’re hand if you’re guilty of shooting videos vertically, only to realize afterward that you probably should have flipped that camera? No shame; I’ve done it way too many times. But now, there’s an app for that! Horizon ($.99) ensures videos are shot horizontally, no matter how you hold your phone. Learn more about the app here.

NSFW: Snowed-in man has a weighty Craigslist request. Have you ever just needed Taco Bell? As winter storm Janus pounded the East Coast, a Baltimore man--who happened to be drunk--found himself trapped indoors and desperately in need of a fast food fix. So he did the logical thing: placed a Craigslist ad to solicit someone to help him out.

Bieber breaks down. Justin Bieber was arrested on Jan. 23 in Miami Beach, Fl. after authorities pulled him over for drag racing a Lamborghini. He failed a field sobriety test, resisted arrest and reportedly smoked marijuana before he was arrested. Beliebers were left scratching their heads after this addition to what’s already been a troubled year for the pop star. But his career wasn’t always full of strange events, as we found in our video timeline of Justin Bieber’s rise to stardom.

Olympic Team USA unveils patriotic uniforms. What does freedom look like? The U.S. Olympic Committee thinks it might look a little bit like this . We've heard mixed reviews about the sweaters, so tell me what you think: Send a tweet to @jennyfromthebak ).

Syria v. cable news? CNN's Twitter account was compromised this week when the Syrian Electronic Army took control of the new organization's tweets Thursday. The tweets were later deleted, and CNN admitted that its account experienced a security breach.

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