Lethal dose: Kentucky may begin cracking down on heroin dealers whose customers overdose

Rep. Wuchner: Prevention begins with tougher laws

FLORENCE, Ky. – Should heroin dealers do prison time for overdose deaths?

That’s the question Rep. Addia Wuchner, R-Florence, plans on posing come January. And her answer is yes.

As lawmakers gear up for Frankfort, they will have a new bill in tow, to consider—making dealers pay for heroin overdose deaths, mirroring a new law in New Jersey; and resurrecting last session’s heroin bill, SB5, that failed to pass.

While the bill will have several tentacles to combat heroin’s widespread carnage in Kentucky, one in particular, Wuchner said, would aim to prosecute heroin dealers whose customer overdoses and dies as a result of the sale.

“All of us are deeply concerned, passionately concerned. We’re watching this ravage our community, our young people, and they are losing their lives,” Wuchner said.

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