Live like a king in Versailles, Ky. castle on the market for $30 million

Take a peek inside horse country's royal palace

VERSAILLES, Ky. – In the middle of horse country sits a piece of medieval charm, a royal palace in Versailles… Kentucky not France.

The Martin Castle turned Castle Post is up for sale for a cool $30 million.

Take a tour through the fully furnished majestic castle along Lexington Road.  

The castle property has only had two owners and with a price tag of $30 million, it does come fully furnished.

The original Martin Castle was built in 1969 by Rex and Caroline Martin, after their intrigue for castles bloomed during a European trip.

The real estate developer and his wife built the castle in 1969, but before its completion the couple divorced in 1975—leaving the castle unfinished for the next 30 years.

In 2003, Martin died, leaving the castle not only unfinished but also empty.

Thomas Post purchased it in 2003. The Lexington native is a Miami, Fla., attorney and bought the unfinished castle for $1.8 million.

But two months prior to completion, the castle burned to the ground in 2004.

In an effort to rebuild the Bluegrass landmark, he brought in crews from other states and finished the new castle, naming it Castle Post. The inn and event center opened its doors in 2009.

Along the Kentucky Scenic Byway, Castle Post, located at 230 Pisgah Pike, Versailles, Ky., sits on 50.5 acres of land and is situated between the Kentucky Horse Farm and Keeneland.

“Castle Post is a castle on the outside and a palace on the inside,” said Post.

It has 16 luxury suites; four of which are located within the outside turrets.

The grand staircase leads to the suites upstairs.The castle also includes an elevator.

Castle Post, which is two-stories and has a finished basement, is used for dinner parties, weddings and other event. But the new owner may use the castle as a private residence, Charles Martin, general manager of the hotel, as well as real estate broker for Equine Realty, in charge of selling the property, said.

The attention to detail with each piece of furniture, chandelier fixtures and crown molding make the luxurious castle show off its rustic beauty and extravagant charm.

The castle, which encompasses 29 rooms, includes a kitchen, library, game room, music room, dining hall, ballroom, swimming pool, formal garden, basketball court and a bar; as well as two fireplaces, 13 full baths and two half baths.





A fountain invites guests inside in both the front and back and the rooftop includes shuffleboard and lounging.

The castle has seven full-time staffers to maintain the grounds.

The castle includes a tennis court and a 1,500 square foot pool and the sale includes a barn, 1-story house and a trailer on the farm-class acreage just behind the castle's stone wall.

While the castle was on the market once before, the owner put the 'for sale' back out about eight months ago.

According to the Woodford County, annual property taxes on the castle would be approximately $31,000 annually, based on a total taxable value of $3,278,000, according to the property valuation administrator website.

The Listing:

Castle Post
Cost: $30,000,000
Size: 20,000 square feet
Address: 230 Pisgah Pike, Versailles, KY 40383
Phone: 859-396-9102

If you’re interested in purchasing the castle, go to Equine Realty.

Aerial photo courtesy of

Castle photos by Jessica Noll | WCPO

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