Sheriff: Heroin popping up in rest stops throughout Grant County

WILLIAMSTOWN, Ky. – Grant County Sheriff Chuck Dills is speaking out after noticing an increase in drug abuse at rest stops along I-75 in his county.

Dills says his deputies are regularly finding dirty, discarded drug paraphernalia in and around gas stations and restaurants.

“The biggest concern is they're leaving their drug paraphernalia in the restrooms – whether it's syringes, spoons or the cotton balls they're using to filter the heroin before they put it into the syringe,” Dills said.

Dills said he’s concerned a child might pick up a discarded item.

“Heroin is such a strong morphine that if a child would pick that up – for example put the cotton ball in their mouth… or stick themselves with the syringe – that could be a fatal dose for a child,” he said.

An employee of a Grant County gas station that asked to remain anonymous said she has never caught anyone doing drugs at her station.

But she has found evidence of drugs on several occasions.

“I’ve gone in the bathroom after them and had to clean the baby station because that's where they crushed their pill and snorted it,” the employee said. “You have to clean the bathroom every two hours or you check the bathroom every half hour. You're just walking in to do a spot check.”

Dills said drug arrests in his county are stacking up. Most recently, two people were arrested at a local McDonald’s over drug charges, he said.

Dills said suspects have admitted to buying heroin in Cincinnati, then stopping in Grant County for a quick fix on their way out of town.

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