Latonia Lakes residents outraged by poor road conditions, lack of help

LATONIA LAKES, Ky. -- More than 200 people living in a Northern Kentucky rural town are fed up with poor road conditions, and the absence of help to fix them.

Along Latonia Lakes Road, the potholes and driving conditions on a small back road are so bad, that residents cannot get basic services. Some have had to fill potholes on their own, when they thought conditions would improve.

"It got worse," resident Johanna Krumer said. "We thought the streets would get fixed and they didn't."

In 2006, the rural Kenton County city unincorporated.

Tony Akers has put his best effort into keeping his street smooth.

"For the most part he fixes all the potholes on our street," he said. "I do it with concrete. I patch the roads. I do little patches like this one here."

One of the deepest holes was found on Twin Lakes Drive, it sunk about two feet deep.

Residents worry about driving in the snow, being accessible to ambulances in case of emergencies and trash piling up because they get no collection service.

A meeting is scheduled for Friday, when county leaders are expected to weigh their options.


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