Government shutdown: Roca Café in Covington among local businesses affected by shutdown

COVINGTON, Ky. -- The federal government shutdown continued on Thursday and so did the hardship it was causing for some local businesses.

While the furloughs and temporary agency closures are directly affecting federal employees, they’re indirectly hurting some Tri-State businesses. One such business is Roca Café in Covington.

The owner of the business, Carol Hardin, says considerable percentage of her customers are Internal Revenue Service (IRS) employees who work at the regional office at 201 West Rivercenter Boulevard.

However, the flow of traffic into the restaurant for gourmet soups and breakfast foods slowed drastically Oct. 1, when the federal government came to a halt as Congress failed to pass a government funding bill. When that happened, 85,000 IRS employees across the country were furloughed, according to the American Institute of CPAs .

Adding insult to injury, the eatery is located near the Kenton County Administration Building, which is currently closed due to electrical damage caused by a malfunctioning generator.

Hardin said her profits have been down 75 to 80 percent since Oct. 1 so she temporarily reduced her hours to 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. to accommodate the shift in business.

Even though the shutdown won’t last forever -- and the administrative building will soon reopen, Hardin said she hopes the lawmakers in Washington, D.C. realize their inactivity has already hurt the pocketbooks of many Americans.

"Think about all the people that this is affecting and how it is affecting their lives and family life, house life. A lot of people are really struggling right now," she said.

Hardin said she knows her business will survive the shutdown but is going to have to work hard to ensure she can keep each of her three employees.

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