Meet the Mayor: Dan Stacy aims to engineer a bright future for the community of Cleves

CLEVES - How well do you know the top man or woman of your town? Our new weekly feature will introduce you to the people charged with keeping Tri-State municipalities ticking.

Meet the Mayor: Danny Stacy (b. Aug. 23, 1953) Cleves, Oh.

Elected: 2003, 2011

County: Hamilton
Population: 3,200

Founded: 1818
Claim to fame: The founder of the village was John Cleves Symmes, who was a circuit judge in this area. His daughter married Benjamin Harrison, grandson of William H. Harrison. Both were presidents of the United States.

A lifelong resident of the Village of Cleves, Stacy graduated from Taylor High School in 1971. He and wife Monica a daughter named Brittany, and two grandchildren, McKenna and Hannibal, who live all live in the community.

Danny Stacy said he is committed to safety, fiscal accountability, and business and residential growth. A lifelong resident of the village of Cleves, he graduated from Taylor High School in 1971. His wife Monica and he have a daughter Brittany, and four grandchildren: McKenna, Hannibal, Sinsara, and Pandora who live in the community.

Stacy served on the Three Rivers Board of Education from 1998 through 2005. For two years, he was president of the school board. In addition, he served as zoning inspector for Cleves from 2000 through 2003. Stacy was mayor of Cleves from 2004 through 2007, and then from 2012 to present with a salary of $6,000 per year.

In total, he has 15 plus years as a small town politician. Stacy’s day job is with AT&T as an engineer where he has been for 38 years.

1. What is the single biggest issue facing your town?

State funding being cut from small towns and villages.To offset this issue, we want to bring more commercial and small retail business to the village.

2. If someone were to visit your town for the first time, what should they see and do?

Come to the municipal building at 101 N. Miami Avenue. I or the clerk treasurer can answer questions the person may have or provide them information about the village of Cleves.

3. What is your proudest accomplishment as mayor?

I don't recall a  single major accomplishment, but I pledge to do everything within my ability to serve the residents of the Cleves as its mayor.

4. What do you hope is different about your town in ten years?

I would like to see more residential development and more successful business in the village. And grow the Cleves police department to better serve the community.

5. What are your political aspirations?

I would like to serve as mayor of Cleves for ten more years.

6. I bet you didn’t know....

I worked for the Cincinnati Bengals for 32 years as a statistician.

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