Help wanted: Addyston seeks another village council member

4 seats open in Addyston, but only 3 running

ADDYSTON, Ohio -- To paraphrase an old saying, “What if they held an election and no one ran for office?”

It’s not quite that bad in Addyston, but the tiny village doesn’t have enough people running to fill all of the open seats on the Village Council.

There are four seats open on the group, but only three candidates on the Nov. 5 ballot. They are incumbent Ann Pillow and newcomers Rhonda Carter and Dan Dalton.

That means village officials, not residents, will make the choice of who fills the fourth spot.

Under Addyston’s rules, after the new Village Council takes office Jan. 1, it has 30 days to reach a consensus about who the new member should be. If the council cannot reach a compromise during that time or is too busy with other issues, it’s left up to the mayor to decide.

Margaret Ann Dozier, who is village clerk and once was a councilwoman herself, said she doesn’t recall the situation ever occurring before in the 13 years she has held her job.

“I think we just had a lot of resignations and appointments in the past few years,” Dozier said. “Those that got appointed to fill the vacancies didn’t realize they had to run for reelection.”

Village Council members serve four-year terms.

Located about 10 miles west of downtown Cincinnati along the Ohio River, Addyston encompasses less than one square mile of land.

The village was founded in 1891 by Matthew Addy. Many of the original residents were drawn to the area to work at a pipe foundry.

A total of 938 people live in Addyston, according to the 2010 U.S. Census.

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