Cincinnati mayoral candidate make last campaign push before Election Day

CINCINNATI -- With Election Day right around the corner, Cincinnati’s mayoral candidates are hitting the streets for one last campaign push.

On Saturday, Vice Mayor Roxanne Qualls , 60, visited Sugar N’ Spice, a restaurant in Bond Hill, and multiple other businesses and organizations in surrounding areas to tell voters why she's the right person to take over for Mayor Mark Mallory when his term ends.

“The selling points are going to be to continue the progress, continue the investment (in the city), bringing jobs, business to Cincinnati and if people want to do that then I'm there choice for mayor," she told 9 On Your Side.

Her campaign staff says she has a “full schedule” of stops planned in neighborhoods across the city leading up to Nov. 5.

John Cranley , 39, the other candidate in the race, spent much of Saturday trying to secure last-minute votes by campaigning in Avondale.

“We need to focus again on safety, reducing the violence, jobs and job training, getting the city's financial house in order,” he said. “I think that's the message people are responding to."

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