Tax levies voted on around Ohio

Several key levies were voted on in communities around Southwestern Ohio this Election Day. A full round up of the results of those votes are below.

Butler County

Hamilton Township parks and recreation levy

A proposed tax levy renewal in Hamilton Township regarding the parks and recreation centers did not pass on Tuesday's election night.

The purposed levy would have provided an additional tax benefit, not exceeding one mill per dollar or $0.79 for every $100. It would have generated a yearly increase in tax of $35 for a $100,000 homeowner. 

St. Clair Township EMS levy

The proposed 3.5 mill levy for St. Clair Township EMS was voted for Tuesday. At the polls, 54 percent voted in favor of the levy while 46 percent voted against it.

Now passed, the levy is expected to generate nearly $81,000 to provide ambulance and emergency medical services in St. Clair Twp.

The owner of a $100,000 home will pay an additional $122.50 in taxes annually as a result of the vote.

Hamilton County

Cheviot trash fee

Cheviot voters passed an ordinance to institute a trash collection fee.

The vote was 70 percent for to 30 percent against.

City council passed a $12 monthly fee for single homeowners late last year, but opponents got enough signatures on a referendum petition to put it on Tuesday’s ballot.

North College Hill tax levy

A tax levy asking residents to pay an additional $.50 for every $100 of a property’s value to fund various police department functions passed with 61 percent of the vote.

The levy will be in effect for 5 years and the additional revenue will be used to maintain motor vehicle communications, police department buildings, and police communication or administration personnel.

The increase will appear on residents 2014 tax bills.

Village of North Bend tax levee
A tax levy asking residents to pay an additional $..229 for every $100 of a property’s value passed with 59 percent of the vote.

North Bend asked for the additional tax to pay for the function of the village’s fire services such as person, vehicles and other services.

Stay with 9 On Your Side will report more election results as they are finalized.

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