COMMENTARY: Uncle! We give up Mother Nature, you win, #snowverit

CINCINNATI – UGH. That’s all residents can muster after the appalling, horrifying, ghastly news of an imminent winter storm this weekend.

More snow. Possibly 6 inches or more of snow! When will it end?

Residents of snow-ridden states could call us complainers, but the words sleet, ice, slush, freezing rain, bitter cold and "polar vortex" are so over-used this season in Cincinnati that they need to be removed from the 2014 vocabulary, and fast.

When news broke that the little pessimist Punxsutawney Phil called for an even longer winter, a long line formed of people willing to drive to Pennsylvania to have a few words with him.

And now this incoming storm comes to top off the almost-record breaking season with quite a large cherry.

“Cabin fever” doesn’t capture the feeling anymore. It’s more like “trapped terror.”

How many of you have gone through entire seasons of multiple shows on Netflix the past few months? Or taken up a new hobby like knitting and now you have 47 completed blankets?

Let’s not forget all the Tri-State parents that, while they love their adorable munchkins, cannot stand the thought of another snow day. It’s exhausting.

As a former nanny, the worst news to wake up to was 10 solid hours with three kids under the age of 6. I almost pulled my own hair out on multiple snowy occasions. So parents, sorry for your (potential) loss of sanity the past few months.

If there is one possible positive from this unrelenting winter, it must be the shoveling, right? Try saying that with a straight face.

And then there's the 2004 Toyota Corolla that no longer likes me.

Not only has a salty car become the standard on Tri-State roads (no one actually washes their car anymore, right?), but my own form of transportation is close to dying completely. I’m not sure if Herb 2 (yes, that's his name), will get through this next winter storm.

Not to mention the 728,464 potholes I avoid everyday, only to run into 876,994 more that contribute to Herb 2's demise (Dodging potholes has become my favorite winter activity. Clearly, I need to get out of the house).

But hey, maybe if Herb 2 gives out, I can give in to my winter depression and hibernate until I hear birds chirping outside.

Who's with me?

According to many Facebook users, it's a unified distress:

Ammie Smith Kennedy: At this rate our children will be 35 before they graduate. Please let this be the last snow.....I love snow and think its beautiful...but gee wiz im over it already.

Ashley Malas: It's gettin real old, cleaning off your car is work and nobody wants to do it. Shoveling drive ways are as well, gettin real old. The cold bitter weather can go away ... Lol ready for spring, baseball and concerts and beer!

Jimmy Hoctor: potholes, potholes everywhere.

Lorrie Imfeld: Winter can die all ready! Ugh!

Racheal Harris: omg im soooooo tired of the weather bouta go have a breakdown!!

Joey Zureick: I'm almost convinced to just drive to Florida and be a beach bum until it warms up here, lol.


Uncle! We give up. You win, Mother Nature. Share this if you submit too.

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