Dennis Janson: Innocent on-air congratulations to Pete Rose prompts IRS visit 25 years ago

CINCINNATI -- It was a Friday like every other before it took a turn for one like none other. 

Ted Gregory called with a story tip. He’d been in the VIP lair at Turfway Park on that that day —Jan.  25, 1989— hoping like many others to beat the very long odds and cash in a big Pick 6 jackpot.
 The Ribs King couldn’t pull it off. The Hit King did. 

“Hey Denny! Ted Gregory here," he announced as I finalized my sportscast.
 “Pete and Jerry Carroll just won that Pick 6.”  

I wondered how he knew?

“I was there. They’re doing handsprings all over the private lounge."
 With that I had a kicker for the show. A light-hearted, end-of-evening item to sort of wrap up the production with a tidy bow.
 The swelling Pick 6 jackpot had been news for days. For the uninitiated, to win the Pick 6, bettors have to select the winning horse in 6 consecutive races, usually inserted into the middle of a track’s racing program.  
 Winning involves unequal portions of luck and skill. The former is largely the determining factor.
 Come what may Pete Rosand Turfway President Jerry Carroll had one of the victorious tickets and it proved one of the unluckiest wins of their wagering careers.
 I, though, had a nice little item to finish the week. 

Those words have been with me for 25 years.

Insiders can read what happened next.

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