Dennis Janson: There's only one Cincinnati pizza and it's LaRosa's

CINCINNATI -- He can still work a room like no Buddy’s business. 

Sixty years of making people feel welcome will do that for a soul and Buddy LaRosa is at heart a host. Buddy, his family and the organization they’ve built together welcomed a who’s who of Cincinnatians to their 60th anniversary celebration Monday night. 

But as is always the case, even those who weren’t on the guest list and walked in for a pie or hoagie were just as warmly embraced to the Boudinot Avenue mother ship.
    Though its reach has expanded greatly in recent years, its walls are festooned with pictures and posters regaling diners with an informal history of the west side. Most notably are pictures of athletes of the week from all corners of the high school sports realm and group representations of each year’s class of inductees to the LaRosa’s High School Hall of Fame. It is the most comprehensive compilation of high school talent in the country. 

Bar none. 

WCPO Insiders can read what a group of neighborhood kids and a fire meant to LaRosa, his family business and his heart. 

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