Dennis Janson: What's happening with frequent flyer miles

Let me get this straight: The federal government loans our money to airlines to keep them flying so they can ground pound us?

Delta is reconfiguring its frequent flyer program, rewarding passengers for how much they pay not how long they endure ever shrinking seats.

Meaning business clients, those paid to fly, prosper.

Now American Airlines will eliminate bereavement fares for people who can't predict when a loved one will die.

Perhaps carriers are emboldened by non-response to earlier gouges – like paying for luggage.

Fuel surcharges even as oil prices plunge.

And don't get me started on change fees netting billions with a few computer keystrokes.

Will Congress intervene? No way.

Dulles International Airport and Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, which serve Washington D.C., are the least likely to cancel flights due to equipment or weather issues.

My cousin the pilot says they may leave late but they always launch. Perhaps so as to not inconvenience a legislator’s weekend plans at home.

I'm Dennis Janson and that’s my two cents worth.

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